SC Application Software
Software for Surveillance Console Workstation

Surveillance Console (SC) Workstation running the SC Application Software is the main interface for the operators of Remotely Controlled Integrated Surveillance System (RCISS). It is a multifunctional system, designed for use at a stationary Control Center (CC) or at a Mobile Control Center (MCC).

SC Workstation is a standard PC computer, equipped with one or more large monitors, a camera control device (joystick, touchscreen, etc.), a keyboard and a mouse.

SC Application Software enables detecting, identifying, communicating, reporting and analysing events and targets. It can display one or several live and/or recorded video streams from the cameras and/or the radar video and targets. It is also used for camera and radar control.

SC Workstations can be deployed at multiple moving and stationary CCs. They work independently and can use all surveillance resources in the system if allowed by system administrator.

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The main features of the SC Application Software are:

Radar video display
  • display live and historical radar video from multiple radar sources
  • display trailing video
  • multidisplay support with multiple overlapping radar video possibility
  • multiple operating windows with different zoom and position settings
Target display
  • automatically detect and track multiple targets from multiple sources
  • display and edit target data
  • support for multiple target types for different scenarios
  • manual creation of targets
  • automatically calculate and display intercept course data for multiple targets
  • full track history for all targets
  • predefined alarm zones
  • full alarm log for all targets
  • display AIS information
Map data display
  • multiple map layers
  • multiple vector elements
  • different coordinate systems
  • support for GPS data importing for track analysis and map construction
  • different map data importing capabilities (S57, ESRI shapefile, etc.)
  • share cartography data with other workstations

All sensors can be controlled from the SC interface, including:

Radar control
  • support for different radar systems
  • radar control from the operator's console
  • support for pre-defined radar profiles for quick switching
Camera control
  • display live and recorded camera video from multiple camera sources
  • full control of multiple cameras and light sources (IR, lasers) at multiple locations
  • multi-display support
  • control of remote image enhancement modules
  • automatically perform pre-defined step stare operations
  • automatically track selected targets
  • quickly spot and zoom the target with mouse click on radar display
  • easy operation with touchscreen system controller, dynamic joystick and keyboard/mouse

Other functions include:

Management and status display
  • user rights management for live, control, playback operations
  • integrated warning and log system for perimeter and telemetry status notifications
  • display of subsystems statuses
  • support for search/rescue scenarios
  • advanced reporting system with situation maps minimizing the effort of documenting events
  • exporting radar and camera video recordings together with track data for later analysis